We believe that worshiping together is a blessing that allows us to spread the gospel to those that have not received Christ as their Savior, and to encourage and strengthen believers in Christ.  This freedom to gather also comes with responsibility, and with the love of Christ, we must protect our fellowman from harm by doing our part to minimize the spreading of the corona-virus.  As a reminder, please cover your coughs, wash your hands often, and use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not easily available.

We encourage everyone to take precautions in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines.

We want everyone to be comfortable to worship without concern.  We will continue to broadcast the live service using the FM 107.1 signal for those that wish to remain in their vehicles.  To obtain the best FM reception, we ask those that wish to remain in their vehicles to park directly in front of the church and those that wish to attend inside to park on either side of the church.  We will also continue to make messages available on our web site.

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